Seaforth Public School

We work as one to give your child the best start

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About our school

Seaforth Primary School is situated on two campuses in a residential area of Sydney's Northern Beaches. The school provides a broad curriculum with a wide variety of extra curricular activities. A high profile continues to be enjoyed in the area of Creative and Performing Arts. The schools' philosophy; "We celebrate the uniqueness of the individual" is reflected by the recognition of a wide diversity of children's achievements. Children at Seaforth School are secure in the knowledge that they as individuals are unique and their contribution to school life is valued by all members of the School Community.

The first step in your child's life long learning journey

Choosing a school to commence your child's learning journey is one of the most significant decisions you will make not only for your child, but for the whole family. In this regard it is important to ensure that the school you select provides not only a high standard of education, but also seeks to actively involve you and your family within a supportive school community. At Seaforth Public School we understand and acknowledge this significant Home - School partnership and ensure that we provide opportunities for you to assume a proactive role in your child's school life through a range of organised social activities, decision making input through our community Parents and Citizens meetings as well as providing opportunities to assist with a range of activities both within the classroom and wider school community.

What drives us?

We are committed in providing your child with an exciting, challenging and innovative education limited only by your child's interests and our imagination. We strive to constantly develop innovative programs that aim to meet the expectations of your child making coming to school for your child an exciting event each day!

Every child is special

Underpinning our philosophy is the notion that in order to support each and every child to be successful and achieve to their potential, we need to light the spark of imagination that will underpin a life long love of learning and desire to pursue individual interests gifts and talents.

In order to achieve this we provide a broad a range of experiences and learning opportunities within a practical, innovative and flexible curriculum that will engage and motivate all students to learn, discover and apply their knowledge within their school day and in their daily lives.

To support this, we encourage you to become a part of our learning community to not simply educate your child... but to light the spark of imagination that will open your child's eyes to possibilities

Supporting parents

Education is an ever evolving and changing process and at times daunting when approached for the first time from a parents perspective. Acknowledging this we run regular parent workshops within our parent seminar program on a wide range of topics from "decoding the classroom" to "strategies to use when reading with your child at home". The aim of our parent education program is to ensure that you are supported in understanding all facets of school life ensuring that all aspects of the family are supported at Seaforth Public School.

Making a time to discuss your child

All families whether you are a prospective family or current family are always welcome to make a time to discuss your child's particular needs or simply to meet and take a tour of the school. A suitable meeting time can be arranged either by requesting a meeting by contacting the school office to arrange an appointment on 9948 1694 or simply emailing the school office at: