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P&C Association

The Seaforth Public School Parents & Citizens Association warmly welcomes you to our Seaforth Public School community.


About P&C

The P&C is an active group of parents, carers and community members that work with the school to enhance the school experience for the whole school community. It does this by providing a forum for school and community to communicate and to ensure parents input in school decision making, providing services to parents with the school canteen and uniform shop, and fundraising to invest in all aspects of our children’s Seaforth experience.


The Seaforth P&C runs two businesses, the canteen and the school uniform shop, both are run to make everything as convenient as possible for parents with busy lives and any profit that is made is always donated back to the various fund raising activities for the school.  Both food and uniforms can be ordered through the Flexischools app. Both businesses rely heavily on the community to volunteer to help keep them running.


Get Involved – We can’t do it without you!

Membership ($2) to the P&C is a great way to get involved in your child’s schooling experience. It allows you to keep up to date with the latest plans and initiatives of the school, as well as present fresh ideas and hear about the upcoming events.


If you would like to be involved or simply hear what is happened at school, please come along to the meeting held once each term on a Monday at 7pm in the Kempbridge Library (Dates will be advertised). These are open meetings and are attended by members of the school executive as well as parents.  The agenda is circulated in advance but there is always an open session where any matters can be discussed. Regular updates are provided from the Principal, Uniform Shop, and Canteen, as well as Fundraising & Events, and school related local issues.


If you already have a specific area of interest in which you would like to be involved or learn more about please email to join one of our volunteer Whatsapp groups.


How do we give back?

Finally, the P&C acts as a major fundraiser for the school to enable the school to supplement the budgets in many areas.  This can be particularly beneficial in areas like the grounds where funding can be limited. In recent years the P&C has funded the new Kempbridge Playground equipment, new Astro Turf at Yatama oval, air conditioning in all classrooms at Kempbridge Avenue, new lunch areas and seating at both campuses, and a large number of Books, Smart Boards, Chrome Books and iPads purchased for the students. As well as these bigger items, constant smaller donations help the school to improve various areas, purchase sports equipment, perform maintenance of each campus and lop trees, which all require regular on-going funding. Where do we get the funds? As much as possible from fun events that bring the school community together - fun runs, big nights in/out, trivia nights, camp outs, Mother’s & Father’s Day breakfasts, kid’s discos, movie nights and more all help contribute to the funds.



·         Minutes from the P&C meeting are published on the Seaforth Public School App under ‘P&C News’

·         Updates are provided in the School Newsletter fortnightly under ‘Dates for the Diary’ and ‘P&C News’

·         We also have a more informal Parent Community Facebook Page. Seaforth Public School Community Group. This is a place where school-related information can be shared, questions asked, and is a platform that aims to provide general connectivity for parents in our school community. We support sharing local sports, arts, music, dance and other activities that would be suitable for our community to attend before and after school, or over the holidays for our children. We also promote the events that we are running to bring our community together. This page is run by P&C not the school. All formal information from the school will come through the school app.


What should I do?

·         Please come and join us at the Term 1 Monday meeting - we welcome everyone to come along, listen to what is happening, share ideas, and contribute if they would like to.

·         Please volunteer for events, uniform shop, canteen and working bees.

·         If you have an idea or suggestion and would like support to run an event please let us know. 


The more we all do the better it is for the school and our children.


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