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Kindergarten at Seaforth Public School


Welcome to starting Kindergarten at Seaforth Public School!

We look forward to welcoming our incoming students and families during our series of Kindergarten 2023 Events.


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For updates and news about Kindergarten 2023 events please join our Kindergarten 2032 Mailing List by completing an Expression of Interest.

You can also download the Seaforth Public School App and select to receive alerts for all 'Pre-Kindergarten' news and/or register for emailed updates 

How to Enrol at Seaforth Public School

We have a number of ways you can enrol at our school

You can enrol online


Download an Enrolment Form


Call or email the Kempbridge Campus Office for assistance.

Accompanying your enrolment will need to be

  • Proof of address e.g. an electricity bill or council rates notice
  • Your child’s immunisation record
  • Either Birth Certificate or Passport. 
  • SRE Participation Letter.  This letter can be downloaded here

A copy of official documents can be submitted via email initially, however when you visit the school we will need to sight the originals.


Your completed forms and document can be emailed directly to

Phone: 9948 1694


Visit Seaforth Public School any time...

via our special Virtual School Tour 

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