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School Band


Welcome to the Seaforth Public School Band (the Band) Program for 209.. Band is one of the most successful extra-curricular activities offered at Seaforth Public School (the School) and is open to any child in Years 3-6.

Aim of the band

The aim of our Band program is:

  • to give every student the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to
  • play in a group environment that is happy, productive and memorable.

Being part of a band is a wonderful opportunity for all children and no prior musical experience is needed to join the Training Band. During their time in the band your child will learn to play an instrument, read music and work together with their friends to produce wonderful music. The many skills they learn carry over into all parts of their lives. Most importantly, they have lots of fun!

For more information regarding the Seaforth Public School Band please contact the SPS Band Committee at